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We have had many years of experience and success in the show industry. 


One of our goals was to develop a show camp to help young people and their families gain knowledge about showing and caring for livestock. 


Our many years of experience and knowledge plus our success in the show ring provides the foundation for an exceptional camp experience. 


We are passionate about the industry and are committed to the betterment of youth and their families helping them gain the knowledge needed to have success.

We offer three different types of camps:

Two Day Camp

This camp covers everything you need to know about having a swine project. 


Topics include: purchasing a pig, facilities, daily maintenance, washing, trimming, feeding, going to a show and of course lots and lots of showmanship training plus more! 


All beginning showmen and their families are encourage to spend time at this basic two day camp learning everything they can about their swine project. 


Participants will receive a camp T-shirt, a notebook full of information, and lunch both days.  Showmanship contests will also be held at the camp and awards will be given.


Cost: $200 Youth Ages 5-18 and $75 Adult

One Day Camp

This camp is a more focused camp that is designed for showmen who have approximately 2-3 years experience in the ring and for families who have some knowledge of what it takes to be successful. 


Several topics will be discussed including: daily maintenance, washing, trimming, feeding, going to a show, plus more focused showmanship techniques and strategies in the ring. 


Participants will receive a camp T-shirt, a notebook full of information, and lunch. A showmanship contest will also be held at the camp and awards will be given.


Cost: $100 Youth Ages 5-18 and $50 Adult


Custom Camp

This camp is designed for groups, 4-H clubs, and FFA Chapters that would like to contact us for a camp designed specifically for your group.  Length can be one or two days and topics include anything you would like us to discuss. 


Cost: Varies. Contact us to discuss cost.


reviews from previous campers

"The Knight's are experts in their field and the Knight Show Academy is a great opportunity to learn from the best. From showmanship to feeding strategies, we gained a wealth of knowledge that benefitted us greatly during the year. Our family highly recommends attending Knight Show Academy."

Camie Holcombe

- Adult Camp Participant

"We have watched the Knight family's show success through the years, and wanted Jaden to have a first hand look at what made them successful. Through the Knight Show Pig Camp, Jaden learned more about specific animal management and showmanship tactics in the ring. Their first hand knowledge has definitely given Jaden an upper hand in the ring, that will lead to more trips to the winner circle."

Jay & Kalah Sprahbeary

- Parents of Camp Participant

"The Knight Show Pig Camp has been an awesome experience for myself and my students the last few years. It's a great camp for beginning showman as well as very advanced showman. The students have the opportunity to learn from a great family the skills that will allow you to become successful. If you work hard and do things the correct way like they teach you it will give yourself a huge advantage in the show ring. This camp is hands down a great experience for any showman, teachers/agents, and parents. I encourage all of my kids and parents to attend the camps no matter how much experience you have showing."

Rob Hawkins

- Ag Teacher

"This camp was so fun! We learned a lot of things like showmanship and lots more. We had an awesome lunch, too! I will definitely come next year!"

Katie Holcombe

- Youth Camp Participant

"The Knight Show Academy was a great experience for my children and students.  The presentation was broken down into several segments and the students were able to gain knowledge and hands on experience.  I loved that each child was given one on one time to work on showmanship skills and was able to display their knowledge that they gained throughout the day.  The Knight family also made sure that the information given was easy to understand for kids of all ages.  I look forward to a  great year watching my kids and students  show, knowing that they gained great information from the Knight Show Academy."

Kristi Thompson

- Agriculture Science Teacher/FFA Advisor



Knight Show Academy is a great way to start off your show season!! Our family has attended 3 show camps with the Knights and we are never disappointed.  Every camp that we attend we always learn something new! They are excellent at teaching the kids and keeping them busy all day! Our kids have really grown from the things they teach about showmanship and presence in the ring.  We are thankful for the knowledge they share and the friendships that we make at camp!

GREAT JOB KINGHT FAMILY!!  Looking forward to the show season!!

Harold, Jennifer, Bryson and Brynna Ellis

pictures from previous camps