“Speak Up”

Blurred Vision x Struck Gold

Stress Pending

Semen Available at $250 per dose

The one Tadd accidentally pulled his right ear off of with cable pullers at birth.   “Speak Up” is also a stout featured, robust boar that has a huge grooved back and tremendous rib and body to go along with a big hip.  He is also very sound and square in his build.  We will breed sows to him as we are not sure which of this pair of littermate boars we like the best!

“One for the Money”

Blurred Vision x Struck Gold

Stress Pending

This is the one we’ve dreamed about making since the legendary boars Bocephus and Tae-Bo.  He is impeccable in his build, being tall shouldered and very square throughout, yet maintaining flexibility and good range of motion.  A stout featured boar as evidence by his strong jaw-line and big feet and legs.  He comes with great shape right out of his blade all the way back, with a wide pin set, and has a perfect hip and hind leg.  He is backed by one of the best looking females we have seen, whose mother and grandmother were Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion at the Nebraska State Fair. “One for the Money” was Champion Cross at the Black Gold Classic under Judge Marc Hogue.


Struck Gold x Outlier x Gone Viral

Mother of “One for the Money” and “Speak Up”


This sow was the $7,500 purchase at the OYE Night of the Stars Gilt Sale last year.  We went to OYE looking for a gilt that would make a big impact in our herd, and when we got her out, we knew we had to buy her.  She comes from a strong herd at Sandalls, known for producing high quality show pigs.  Her mother and grandmother were named Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champions at the Nebraska State Fair.  She is one of the most impressive females we have seen and in her first litter she has proven that.  We are retaining two high quality gilts out of her as well.